Kunsten at formidle på Facebook


På meremunch.mediajungle.dk kan du blive klogere på formidling af kunst gennem sociale medier med primær fokus på Facebook.

I samarbejde med ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, har vi eksperimenteret med kunstformidling på sociale medier, og på dette site kan du se hvilke erfaringer, vi har gjort os.

Sitet er delt op i otte kapitler, men skal ikke nødvendigvis læses kronologisk.

– Kaspar Ottosen og Thea Berg Johansen, studerende ved Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole.

For our english readers:

Mere Munch (More Munch) was a project that ran for three months from the end of sebtember 2012 till the end of december 2012. Working together with the art museum ARoS on giving their Edvard Munch exhibition an extra layer on Facebook.
We started out with a large group of students from The Danish School of Media and Journalism who made a lot of stories and videos covering the opening weeks of Edvard Munch Angst/Anxiety.

With all of our experience from the opening weekend we, Kaspar Ottosen and Thea Berg Johansen, students at The Danish School of Media and Journalism, have carried on giving the users of ARoS’ Facebook-page an extra Munch-dimension.

With the use of Google Maps, Verité timeline, on going surveillance of social media and Storify we have trained our own online-journalism-skills, and hopefully made the Edvards Munch exhibition come alive online.

At ARoS we made us self visible with Munch Connect, where the visitors at ARoS could scan a QR-code and like a certain painting. This way they can affect a big interactive mosaic, that changes so the most popular paintings takes up most space.

Our main goal was to reach a larger number of people on facebook and to get 2000 new likes. We succeeded, and ARoS now has over 12.000 likes on Facebook.